33 EXP Mixed 3-Pack


We're also going to be sending out some 33 EXP Mixed 3-Packs! Each box containes a Blood Orange Super Gose, as well as two of our other 33 EXP releases...


Blood Orange Super Gose - Tart North American style gose made with blood orange and hibiscus florets. Easy drinking as heck!


Muscat Wild Saison - Light saison co-fermented with whole Muscat grape clusters from Poplar Grove. Little bit of spice and stone fruit.


Buckwheat Brett Saison - Sharp, herbal, and lemony, reminiscent of a classic Wallonian style saison.


Rustic Berliner - Bright, tart beliner with notes of citrus, gooseberry, and white wine. 

est. 2018      |      victoria, BC      |     info@barvenner.com 

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