Revel / ibi Mixed 3-Pack


Revel sources Ontario apples from a variety of different terroirs to create incredibly unique small batch ciders. In addition to apples, they work with other local ingredients such as honeycomb, lees and grape skins, and botanicals. These ciders are wild fermented, oxidative, and often barrel aged to add depth and complexity. There is also no filtering or fining at bottling. Through their ibi label, they have started to produce wines that reflect the same creative style. We�۪re so excited to be able to offer some super cool products from Ontario!


Based on popular vote, we're going to be selling mixed 3-packs of Revel Cider/ ibi Wine. The boxes are random, each box will contain 3 of the followings products!!!


Revel Soif - A blend of two spontaneously fermented ciders aged on cherries and strawberries, with almost a tonne of Cabernet Franc Skins added. God damned refreshing, chug away.


Revel Wilding - 100% foraged Pet Nat, with fruit foraged from 10 wild trees. Presssed in an old as hell rickety press. Spontaneous fermentation and bottled zero/zero. Stay true.


ibi Lantana - Straight up Seyval Blanc Pet Nat, whole cluster pressed. Pineapples and white flowers. Very sexy. Drink it ICE COLD. Maybe even toss is in the freezer for 10 minutes before opening, pretty aggressive carbonation so get those glasses ready.


ibi Turbo Diesel - Riesling Pet Nat fermented on the skins for 21 days. Should be very very very cold before opening. Aggressive carbonation (have your glasses on hand). Touch of sweet, ripe fruit. Subtle and delicate Riesling characteristics, tight bubble. Save it over night and the next day you'll get some funky herbal and stone fruit notes. 


ibi Juno - Blend of Riesling, Seyval Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, with elevage on the skins of Dolgo Crabapples. 20 months of skin contact gives way to a textural roller-coaster. Dry bright white with a slightly petrol nose from the Riesling and a distinct cidery aroma.


ibi Joplin - A lighlty effervescent Marachel Foch. Herbal, with some pretty lively acidity. Dark berry and a strange but pleasant vinous aroma. Serious standout for me! This wine is incredibly fun. Drink it well chilled. 

est. 2018      |      victoria, BC      | 

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